Skin Mesotherapy

Aging is inevitable, and we can have better and healthier skin and body only with good care. By injecting allopathic, pharmaceutical medications, minerals, peptides, amino acids, and various cocktails under the skin, into the mesoderm originated from the middle layer in the embryological life through Mesotherapy, it is possible to ensure rejuvenation and better health in addition to treatment.


  • Rheumatology: Degenerative (spine, shoulder, elbow, knee...)
  • Neurology: Anxiety, sleep disorder, migraine...
  • Ophthalmology: Presbyopia, myopia, infections...
  • ORL: Communicable and allergic diseases, vascular diseases (tinnitus, vertigo...)
  • Pulmonology: Bronchitis, cough, flue...
  • Gastroenterology: Colic, hemorrhoid...
  • Trauma: Tendinitis, sprains, cramps, strains, RSD...
  • Vascular System: Arthritis, migraine, venous insufficiency, bedsore...
  • Gynecology: Dysmenorrhea, Dyspareunia, Genital Rejuvenation and Bleaching, herpes and the other infections...
  • Dermatology: Acne, scars, psoriasis, skin rejuvenation, hyperhidrosis...

The purposes of the mesotherapy application are to decrease and delay the aging symptoms and preserve the healthy, young and bright appearance of the skin; and the motivators under the skin are simulated.

It has positive effects on elimination of the skin cracks possible to see in numerous parts of the body.

It is effective in eliminating the cellulite appearance and melting down the regional fats (lipolysis or intralipotherapy).

For the individuals who have hair loss problem, it is used to strengthen the scalp.

Mesotherapy is applied in 6-12 sessions with 2- to 4-week intervals between the sessions.


  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • Patients who have immunological diseases
  • Individuals who have recent cancer story
  • Insulin-dependent diabetic patients
  • Individuals who have severe cardiological diseases
  • Individuals who have arrhythmia complaint
  • Individuals who have palsy problem
  • Individuals who have blood coagulation problem
  • Individuals who receive anticoagulant treatment

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

The cupping therapy is a kind of excretory therapy and ensures that the harmful substances causing diseases are discharged from the body.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen, which has a very important part in life cycle, is also very important in medical treatments.

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Help discharge of the toxins by sucking the dirty blood in the body thanks to 104 different bioactive substances in their structure.

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