Hair Transplant with DHI Method

Together with the technological advance, solution of hair transplant, which is one of the problems most frequently incurred by men especially, has become easier. The two methods most frequently used today are FUE and DHI.

It is possible to take grafts from the nape and behind-the-ear region, places genetically resistant to hair loss, one by one and without causing any damage by using 0.7-1 mm micromotor. It is also an extremely important advantage for the patients that there remains no scar in the nape region. In cases where the donor area is insufficient, we can also use beard and chest hair.

The CHOI needles used in the DHI method provide great advantage in terms of the procedure quality. The hair can be directed as desired during the transplantation; the number of grafts per square-centimeter is higher; and the graft loss after the procedure is lower; which all constitute an advantage for the patient.

Together with the new techniques being developed, hair transplant gives more successful results now, and the recovery period is shorter; of course, it is very important to have this procedure carried out by a professional team, as is the case with every area of health.

The hair transplant procedure takes 6-8 hours approximately; and after the procedure, the hair is washed on the second day, redness and scabbing disappear within 7-10 days, and the patient continues his social and business lives after the third day. The transplanted hair falls within 6-8 weeks after the procedure and starts to grow again after the fourth month. Since the procedure is a little bit long, those who have had this procedure are required to be patient.

Since it is an autologous procedure carried out with the person's own hair, their new hair has the structure and quality of the person's own hair. Sometimes, the reasons such as a large region of hair loss, thin and weak hair structure, insufficiency of the donor region may require a second session. Hair Transplant with Stem Cells

Doubtlessly, hair lost prematurely is the greatest problem for millions of people in the world. This loss affects the human life negatively from the psychological point of view, and the individual who suffers from hair loss looks for a solution to this problem. In the hair transplant with stem cells, the patient's own stem cells are used. In this newest hair transplant method that gives efficient results, the least pain and quick recovery are observed.

Thanks to its high recovery rate and regenerative potential, hair transplant with stem cells has become a choice preferred by the individuals who want to be protected against hair loss and regain their self-confidence by preventing the hair loss. The injected stem cells activate the dead or damaged hair follicles and help hair growth and elimination of the hair loss problem for men and women.

Treatment Methods


Alternative Treatment Methods

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

The cupping therapy is a kind of excretory therapy and ensures that the harmful substances causing diseases are discharged from the body.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen, which has a very important part in life cycle, is also very important in medical treatments.

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Help discharge of the toxins by sucking the dirty blood in the body thanks to 104 different bioactive substances in their structure.

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